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Journalist Adhikari Attacked -Update

On 21 November 2014, Narayan Prasad Adhikari, a correspondent for the National News Agency of Nepal (RSS) from Chitwan, a southern plain in the country, was attacked by the unidentified persons with a sharp weapon.

According to Adhikari, an individual who was following him on a motorbike assaulted him at around 7:00pm while returning to home from office. Adhikari's right hand (wrist) suffered a fracture and he has been undergoing treatment at the Bharatpur Hospital in Chitwan.

Talking to Media Monitoring Officer, Narayan Ghimire while taking stock of his health condition at the hospital bed of Chitwan, the victim said, "It was dark, a man in motorcycle thrashed my right hand with rod-like weapon twice. I tried to go ahead and evade, but thrashed me again from behind. After I shouted from help, the people in the environs gathered in a while. But, I could not ascertain fully the number plates of the three motorcycles that followed me and fled after attack."

About the update on the incident, Superintendent of Police at the District Police Office, Sahakul Thapa, said, "No exact cause behind the attack on journalist Adhikari has been identified yet. However, our efforts are on to find the truth and mete out action on the culprits. Some persons were arrested in suspicion after the information of motorcycles' number plates, but still there is not ample proof. We're in need of special clue that leads to effective and thorough investigation."

On the other hand, the fellow journalists, including Basanta Parajuli and Bimal Khatiwada, have said reporter Adhikari may have been attacked to cut his hand he writes the stories with. They added that it was unquestionably because of his reporting though the culprits are yet to be ascertained.

Reporter Adhidkari with plastered hand is getting discharged from hospital today (24 November).

It is noteworthy here that reporter Adhikari working actively in this sector for over a decade has got his right hand broken. It is symbolical that the attackers focused the 'right hand' used to write news. As an active journalist, he has written a lot against issues ranging from administrative malfeasance to economic and social aberrations in various sectors in the area he has been working.

Freedom Forum considers this a serious security threat to the journalist and condemns vehemently. The FF strongly urges the police and concerned authorities to expedite investigation and apprehend the attackers. The government must create a favorable environment for journalists by putting an end to the state of impunity.  (Photo available)

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