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NTV bans recent edition of popular comedy program Tito Satya

Nepal Television, a state-owned television channel, has banned the recent edition of Tito Satya, a popular weekly comedy and satirical television program.

The recent edition to be telecast on December 4 at 9:00pm was banned by the NTV, reasoning that the content featured the caricature of the prime minister from foreign country. 

Talking to Freedom Forum, popular comedy artist Dipak Raj Giri who produces the program, said, "An officer at NTV, Prakash Jung Karki, who oversees the television program content, asked me not to telecast the content that featured the caricature of the foreign prime minister. If he did not cut it out from the content, it would not be allowed screening."

Comedy artist Giri said he, as a result, had no option but to repeat the old episode.

"Where is my freedom of expression? How did my content jeopardize nationally important issue?" He wondered.

Tito Satya is solely a satirical TV program which exposes social aberrations, and maladies, administrative misconducts and political malaises.

Therefore, Freedom Forum condemns the ban which has grossly violated the freedom of expression and people's right to be informed. This effort shows government’s step to control media which does not suit democratic system.

The concerned authority including the TV management must abide by the law and ensure the free flow of information, of expression.