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young radio journalist Rohan Chaudhari killed.

Freedom Forum has been alarmed again with the horrible incident of press freedom violations occurred in a Mahottari district a district in the southern plains.

Rohan Chaudhari, 19, from Bajrahi village of Jaleshwor municipality, Mohottari, a district in the southern plains was killed in a police firing while he was reporting live to the Jaleshwornath FM from a local Mahendra Chowk on September 9, 2015. Shot on chest by the security command while taming protest, Chaudhari died on the spot.

"Sadly and astonishingly, the incident was ignored by many including media." said Station Manager of FM, 90.4, Bijay Chaudhari.Rohan had been working a RJ and reporter to the FM for 13 months.

The most horrible incident of the year which remained ignored, and almost unheard is the killing of a young radio journalist Rohan Chaudhari of Jaleshwornath FM. He was killed in firing.

Freedom Forum condems the incident.

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