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School Teachers Threaten Journalist Dulal of Life

Ashok Dulal, journalist with the Rajdhani daily, published from the capital city, has been threatened of life for taking a photograph of a school.

On June 3, Principal of local Bajrabarahi Higher Secondary School of Chapagaon, Lalitpur, Rameshwor Maharjan, and his staffs forcefully called reporter Dulal at the school office, grilled him and threatened of life, reasoning he took a photo of the school building which was partially damaged.

Recounting the grilling, Dulal said, one of the teachers threatened him saying, 'he would abduct him from the very spot and make him disappear forever'.

"From where are you mobilized to take picture of this school? Whom did you ask before taking photo? Don't you want to survive more?" the teachers attacked him with such flurry of threats.
He further said though he tried a lot to persuade them that he was just working as a journalist and it was his normal task to take photo of any structures –schools, buildings- which are unsafe to use, unsafe to children, for the news story.

Although he escaped possible attack, he is feeling still unsecure. He has also informed the local police post seeking security.

It is quite shocking that the journalist is threatened of life in the capital city itself.

Freedom Forum vehemently condemns the incident. It is the violation of press freedom. The concerned school and its teachers must respect press freedom and the security authority ensure security to journalist Dulal.

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