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NFDB criteria for film makers, directors violates FoE

Nepal Film Development Board has set new criteria for anyone producing and directing films.

As per the criteria, to be a film director, one needs to have a lead role or the assistant in the direction for at least five films or have worked for 10 years in any sector of the film production. Similarly, in case of producer, he/she needs to produce film in cooperation with the experienced producers.

Obviously, the criteria set by the NFDB have invited criticisms from different sectors, especially those working in the freedom of expression.

Freedom Forum condemns the standard the NFDB set for the producer and director of the film, as it grossly violate ones' right to freedom of expression. The criteria are against one's creation and art, which are indeed the form of expression. So, these are the efforts to silence the expression, which are against democratic values.

Therefore, FF strongly urges the NFDB to correct the standard it has set keeping in mind the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution.