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Security persons beat reporter for taking photo

Security persons attending the Chief Commissioner at the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) attacked Sandip Yogi, reporter with the Image FM, and left injured, reasoning he took photo of the vehicle the Chief Commissioner was riding. The incident occurred at the gate of the CIAA, Tangal, in the capital city on July 27.

Talking to Freedom Forum, reporter Yogi said, "I was coming through Tangal road, but it was jammed. I tried to learn the traffic congestion. As it was jammed by the vehicle ferrying Chief Commissioner at CIAA, I took the photographs of the traffic jam and of his vehicle which caused the congestion. But the security persons attending his vehicles and at the CIAA gate hurried to me and beat."

According to him, he got bruises on head and even some teeth were impaired.

"Despite informing that I was from the media and sported the card, they attacked me, seized camera, mobile phone, and deleted the photo (of traffic jam) from mobile phone. They also detained me and released after a while," he added.

The reporter argued that the security persons were guided by the Chief Commissioner.Earlier too, the Chief of the anti-corruption body had misbehaved with journalists in Biratnagar, while his officce had harassed journalist in Nepalgunj initiating case against them.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident, as it is a gross violation of press freedom. Attack by the security persons and even under the guidance of such high level official shows how hostile the public agencies are to media.

Such incident is quite discouraging to free reporting. The security persons and the high level officials must realize the importance of free press and help ensure safe reporting.

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