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Journalist threatened of action over corruption news

On July 30, journalist with the Nagarik daily, Balkrishna Gyawali, was issued threat of attack over the news he reported on corruption. The incident took place in the capital city.

Calling himself an officer from anti-corruption body, Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), a person threatened Gyawali of action. The threat came over the news relating to a bribe-taking government official who assured another employee of weakening the case at the CIAA.

"Why do you need to relate everything with CIAA? What's the intention behind this? You know, everything is possible here. I hope you won't repeat such," journalist Gyawali said to Freedom Forum, quoting the threats.

To everyone astonishment, the anti-corruption body (CIAA) itself shows such hostile behavior to the journalists who divulge stories of corruption and help build good governance. The CIAA, instead of protecting whistleblower (journalist), it showed un-receptiveness.

It is not the first case the CIAA has shown such hostility to media, this office and the high ranking official here have threatened and harassed journalists time and again.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident, and strongly urges the CIAA to respect journalists' rights to free reporting. Similarly, other concerned authorities need to aware of any untoward activity on journalist Gyawali.

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