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Editor Humagain attacked

Krishna Humagain, editor at Arjundhara daily of Jhapa, a district in the east of the southern plains of Nepal, was attacked by protestors injuring him seriously in the afternoon today (September 1).

During the strike various agitating political parties and sections organized, the strike enforcers attacked editor and his spouse and vandalized his motorcycle.

"Despite parading the press card and informing he was a journalist, the protestors shouted, 'attack him, attack! He is the one to write news' and kicked him, vandalized motorcycle," informed Humagain's spouse over the telephone.

Ms Humagain added that her spouse had got injury- possibly his arm is broken - and was undergoing treatment at a local hospital. "The drunken women protestors also attacked me. It was an intentional attack. I was with him together, when they attacked us," she added.

Freedom Forum condemns the attack on editor Humagain, as it is the blatant violation of press freedom. Attack on him is also the attack on media. The attackers must be meted out action. And those agitating ones need to teach their cadres to respect press freedom. Targeting journalists while raising any demand can't be acceptable in democracy.

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