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India's blockade on Nepal blocks free flow of information

The cable operators in Nepal banned the Indian TV channels in response to the undeclared blockade of essential goods including cooking gas and petroleum products to Nepal.

To this, the Ministry of Information and Communications directed the cable operators to lift the ban, and sought justification.

The cable operators are however afraid of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) led by Biplab, as the latter have pressed them not to operate the channels citing the blockade.

With the ban of the TV channels, free flow of information is blocked and freedom of expression violated.

As free expression is the borderless issue/rights of people, Freedom Forum urges India to lift the blockade on Nepal and respect people's right to freedom of expression. Once the blockade is lifted, normalcy would return and media will be operated freely and in a fearless atmosphere.

Publications of newspapers stop lacking printing materials

Meanwhile, reports have come from different parts of the country that various media houses have stopped publishing newspapers for lack of the printing materials as paper and ink. There is a huge scarcity of such materials after India's blockade to Nepal.

In a city in the eastern plains of the country, Biratnagar, the local Udghosh daily, Ujjyalo daily, New Shristi daily, the Darshan daily are not on stand for two days, as there was not printing materials, said a senior journalist Bijay Mishra. Similarly, the national daily Nagarik has also stopped its 'purveli' (eastern) edition for the same reason.

Freedom Forum urges India again to lift the blockade and respect people's right to freedom of expression and right to information.

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