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Police harasses journalists

On November 4, the Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police took under control two journalists from their media house- yeskathmandu.com- for three hours over the news reporting on the misuse of fuel provided freely to VIPs.

A group led by Deputy Superintendent of Police reached the news portal's office at Thapagaon, Kathmandu, and took journalists Manoj Khatiwada and Parbati Thapa under control.

Talking to Freedom Forum, journalist Khatiwada said, "We are held for three hours from the office over the news 'black-marketing of fuel provided to VIP', and released without any conditions and reason by the Nepal Police's CIB."

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it has violated journalists' right to free reporting. Instead of showing reservation on content if they had, taking the journalists under control by the police is a sheer misuse of power by the new government. The police have harassed journalists, which is a move to control media. Control of media is against democracy.

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