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Editor Manhandled

In Parsa district in the southern plain, editor of a local Utthan weekly, Sudarshan Raj Pandey, was manhandled by some people, saying, 'You're the journalist writing whatever you like about the agitation'. 

It was informed to Freedom Forum by reporter for the Nagarik daily from Birgunj city, Ritesh Tripathi.

Freedom Forum vehemently condemns the manhandle to the editor, which have not only spread panic among the journalists, but also challenged media freedom. As informed by the journalists, the agitating political parties in the southern plains are quite unreceptive to the media persons. Freedom Forum strongly urges the agitating political parties and groups to respect journalists' right to free reporting and ensure free flow of information. While making any demand/protest, the rights of another side, and importantly of media, need to be respected. The local authority must investigate fairly and bring the culprits to book.