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Madhes agitation hinders publication and supply of newspapers

The people in Udayapur, a district in the inner Terai (southern plains) of Nepal, have been deprived of national newspapers due to the prolonged agitation in the southern plains.

The supply of the national newspapers, published from the capital city, Kathmandu, is quite disrupted and almost irregular.

Kushal Babu Basnet, editor of a local Hamro Khabar weekly, informed Freedom Forum that it had been nearly three months the national dailies had not reached Udayapur. Although there were some, the circulation of national newspapers was too late in the district, he added.

Shortage of printing paper and ink
Editor Basnet also said the local media houses, especially print media, has witnessed tough time to publish the newspapers regularly.

Although the publication of the local newspapers has not stopped, it is quite irregular, he said, adding, it is because of the lack of printing papers and ink. The disruption in the supply of the printing papers and ink has caused severe crunch of the materials needed to publish the newspapers.

Freedom Forum is highly concerned over the situation that the supply of the newspaper is obstructed, and people's right to information violated. It has blocked the free flow of information. As the freedom of expression and right to information are fundamental rights, the political parties and groups waging agitation in the southern plains must heed it and respect people's rights. The political parties and groups need to teach their cadres not to hinder the circulation of newspapers. The suppression of media never suit in democracy.

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