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FF's concern on Government's efforts for new media policy

The government of Nepal has formed a committee to study the overall media and formulate a new media policy. It is a good initiative as it is formed at a time broader media policy is needed in the country.

The committee is formed under the coordination of Chairman of the Administrative Court, Dr Kashiraj Dahal. However, it is yet to get full shape. Neither the government and the line ministry nor the committee has sought suggestions and held consultations with the civil society working in this sector.
In this connection, Freedom Forum, shows keen interest, for it has extensive work experience relating to the study, debate and formation of laws and policies relating to Nepali media.

Freedom Forum had played a very active role to bring the Right to Information Act 2007 and has continued national campaigns for its effective implementation to build the informed citizenry, which is one of the fundamentals of the functioning democracy. Similarly, the Forum has provided expertise to the government on the study to transform State-owned broadcaster (Radio Nepal and Nepal Television) into public service broadcasting.

As a CSO devoted to press freedom and for better media environment across the country since its establishment, Freedom Forum is always ready to share its experiences on study on Nepali media and the necessary policies to make media abreast with time. Also, we are ready to work in this subject with any agency sharing the similar goal.

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