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Police attack photojournalist Adhikari in Singha Durbar

Freedom Forum has been alarmed over the attack on Kabin Adhikari, a photojournalist with an online news portal- onlinekhabar.com.

Adhikari was attacked by police persons while he was photographing the arrest of protesters inside Singha Durbar, the central administrative place of the country, on April 10.

There was a sit-in being staged by the government employees which he was photographing.

According to the onlinekhabar.com, journalist Adhikari was kicked, and attacked with fist and stick. Injured Adhikari had to get to the hospital for treatment. He however escaped the major injury.

The incident shows how hostile the security persons are, and how hostile the place of central administration of the country is towards free reporting. Singha Durbar is the place where government's decisions are made, where the Office of the Prime Minister and other ministers reside. If such place is not safe for journalists, where can they be safe? Which is the safe place? Attack on such premises is condemnable.

Freedom Forum vehemently condemns the attack on photojournalist Adhikari, for it has violated the press freedom and journalists' right to free reporting.

The Home Ministry, which is within the Singh Durbar premises, needs to ascertain the police persons involved in the attack against journalist and take action against them.

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