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Police harass freelance journalist Sneh Sayami

Police took under control freelance journalist Sneh Sayami for three hours merely for taking photographs of road expansion works being carried out in the Kathmandu Valley on June 11.

"I was taking photos and visualizing the road expansion at Naikap. But, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Hem Bahadur Thapa, all of a sudden approached me, spoke foul; and snatched the mobile and ordered his subordinates to detain me," 

He added that the police deleted photos and video from the mobile phone. It took almost one hour to get my phone back.

Freelance journalist and poet Sayami was taken under control for three hours.

Freedom Forum condemns the harassment journalist Sayami was meted out by police persons. The incident has violated press freedom. The security persons must not involve in such activity that threatens journalists for free reporting.

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