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(To edit)Police persons continue hostility to journalists

Correspondent with Image Television channel and setopati.com, Anil Tiwari, was attacked by police persons while reporting a protest against Parsa District Court's verdict on 1 December.

Talking to Freedom Forum, Nagarik daily reporter, Ritesh Tripathi, who was with Anil during the reporting explained: Inspector AK Mahato of Area Police Office, Shreepur, approached Tiwari and asked him to stop visualizing the use of force by the police to suppress protesting group in front of Parsa District Court.

But, reporter Tiwari refused and continued taking video with his mobile. Thereafter, Inspector attacked Tiwari with fist and broke the mobile into pieces. However, Tiwari managed to escape injury.

Meanwhile, in another incident of press freedom violation by the security persons, reporters duo Arun Yadav for the National News Agency (RSS) from Saptari and Chandan Yadav of the Madheshbani weekly were manhandled by Police persons in Rajbiraj, Saptari on 26 November.

They were manhandled while reporting about sage Ramdev's visit at Chhinnamasta Temple in Saptari district.

On telephone conversation with Freedom Forum, reporter Arun Yadav said: "We two along with other half dozen of journalists were manhandled by Superintendent of Police Dibesh Lohani and his subordinate staffs while reporting on Baba Ramdev's visit to Chhinnamansta Temple and his prayers."

"Interestingly, SP Lohani allowed Indian reporters into the temple premises whereas forcefully restricted us. He even spoke foul on journalists and tried to seize cameras," added Arun, saying, they complained at Office of the Chief District Officer, Saptari, about SP Lohani's misbehavior.

Such continuous hostility of security personnel towards journalists depicts how miserable the atmosphere for press freedom is. Freedom Forum condemns the incidents and appeals to security persons to realize their mistakes and be aware of the importance of free media for a democratic society.

Controlling media not only ruins journalists' right to reporting but also bars people from information, and freedom of expression.

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