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Death Threat to Editor Rijal

Editor of the Arthik daily, Prahlad Rijal, was threatened of life over phone for the publication of a news story on January 15 by Vinay Rawal, arguing that the news would tarnish his image. The Arthik daily is published from the capital city Kathmandu.

Talking to Freedom Forum, editor Rijal said, "In the Sunday morning (Jan 15), Vinay Rawal called  me and said he would finish me because I published news that hampers his business."

Freedom Forum condemns the threat issued against the editor. If the businessperson Rawal had any reservation with the news content, he could take legal recourse by complaining at Press Council Nepal rather than issuing threat to editor.

Such threat against media persons in the capital city shows media persons are not safe even in the safe place of the country. Attack on media is an attack on democratic values.

FF therefore strongly urges the local authority to take efforts on time to obviate any possible attack on editor Rijal. The businesspersons too must respect press freedom, and shun intimidation against free media, which is one of the pillars of democracy. 

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