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Concern over shutdown of FM radio by security persons

Freedom Forum has been alarmed to know that an FM radio run by the Central Department of Journalism and Mass Communications at Tribhuvan University was shut down for three days due to obstruction from security persons.

The TU FM 107 Mhz located inside the RR campus in the Kathmandu Valley was shut after security obstruction.

Issuing a press release, the Department Head, Chiranjivi Khanal said, "The FM radio was closed after the police persons did not allow any of the journalists citing the 'order from high level' on the day (Feb 6) the election of the free students union was scheduled at RR Campus."

Mr Khanal also informed Freedom Forum over the phone that they tried to convince the security persons for resuming the radio and meet the Information Minister, but in vain. He added that security persons were told that election of student union and running FM radio were different, but they were not adamant.

Although FF phoned the high level security to know the matter, it was not responded.

FF vehemently condemns the incident, as it is the blatant violation of press freedom and freedom of expression. The security hostility to media even within the capital city is quite abhorring.

FF therefore strongly urges the TU administration, Nepal Police and the government to immediately create atmosphere to run the radio.

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