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News portal asked to wipe out public poll

Freedom Forum has been alarmed over the intimidation on a news portal to remove the public poll.

A noted news portal run from the capital city- www.setopati.com -was asked by the Election Commission to remove the public poll, arguing that it would affect the election code.

Chief Editor at setopati.com, Ameet Dhakal, confirmed that his media house had received the letter from the Election Commission on May 6.

Nepal is holding the local level election first time after 20 years. The first phase of the local election is scheduled for May 14 while the second phase on June 14. Freedom Forum welcomes this democratic exercise in a long gap.

Freedom Forum however condemns the letter from the Election Commission to the news portal, for it has violated the press freedom and citizen's right to freedom of expression. Media freedom can't be breached in the name of election code. Public poll in any media on any pertinent issue is a common practice. It helps bring citizen's voice to the front. Therefore, the Election Commission is urged not to control media, but respect press freedom and FoE.

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