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Women journalists received death threat over Facebook, accused one apologizes after FIR registered

Freedom Forum's stringer for Province 4 Rajan Upadhyay reported that a person named Basant Karki issued death threat to female journalists reporting on vote counting of local level poll held on 14 May through social media in Pokhara on 23 May. Pokhara lies in Province 4 and is situated on western part of Nepal. Karki, an inhabitant of Kaski district is currently abroad.

On his Facebook status, Karki had written, "Those mafia journalists' posts about election update should be checked. Saying oneself a journalist; carrying ID cards and wearing spectacles and sari do not prove them being media persons. So, be aware otherwise, fate of journalist Uma Singh may repeat."

Responding to the status, Sushma Paudel, a reporter with a local newspaper Adarsha Samaj, published from Pokhara registered an FIR against Karki on 24 May at the District Police Office, Kaski. Karki then, immediately deleted his status.

According to Stringer Upadhyay, the man issuing death threat over Facebook not only deleted his post but also apologized with journalists, making phone calls after an FIR was filed against him. The media persons are now planning to discuss whether they would withdraw FIR tomorrow, said stringer Upadhyay, quoting reporter Paudel.

Freedom Forum has serious concern over the death threat issued against women journalists. Speaking foul on working media persons through social media not only a verbal abuse but also sheer disrespect and violation of press freedom. Here, the activism shown by journalist Poudel is appreciative, which finally compelled the death threat issuer to apologize with the journalists.


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