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Media persons barred from entering TU stadium for reporting

Senior reporters with Janata television Madan Dhungana and Suman Chapagain along with two camera persons were denied entrance into TU stadium on 2 July, over the news on match fixing the television broadcast on 30 June (Friday).

During a conversation with Freedom Forum, News coordinator of Janata TV, Ram Kumar Elan,  said, “Despite pre-information about their plan to stop our reporters at the gate of stadium because of the news broadcast two days ago, our senior reporters Madan Dhungana and Suman Chapagain with two camera persons reached TU stadium at 11 am. But they were not allowed to enter the premises for reporting as expected.”

He added that the organizers seemed to be nervous after the news on match fixing broadcast on Janta TV two days ago. At the same time, National Sports Council's Member-Secretary Keshav Bista tried to convince the organizer but they did not allow entry.

Freedom Forum condemns the restriction imposed on journalists' right to free reporting. Media persons have right to carryout fair and unbiased reporting; denial of their entry because of the news is violation of press freedom. Hence, the concerned authority must realize the mistake and respect press freedom.

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