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Reporters barred from entering Sajha Publications for reporting

Journalists Bishnu Aryal of Republica daily and Basanta Khadka of Nagarik daily were barred from entering the office of the State-owned Sajha Publications on July 25, following their reporting which exposed huge financial irregularities done by General Manager and Chairman of the Publications Dolindra Prasad Sharma.

Office security guard at the Sajha Publications barred Aryal and Khadka from going inside the office reasoning the order from the General Manager Sharma, while they were visiting the office for follow up of their news reporting.

Aryal and Khadka said the gatekeeper told them that GM Sharma had ordered him not to allow any journalists in the office.

Earlier, the two journalists had published news exposing huge irregularities at Sajha Publications and involvement of GM Sharma.

However, Sharma told the newspaper later he had not directed the guards to bar journalists from entering the Sajha Publications.

The incident shows how the journalists reporting the investigative cases as of irregularities and corruption face obstructions.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it is sheer violation of press freedom. The Publication is strongly urged to respect the rights of journalists for free reporting and apologize for the incident.

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