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Reporters Club Chairperson Dhamala Freed

Chairperson of Reporters Club Nepal Rishi Dhamala who was detained in a case under the Arms and Ammunition Act, has been recently freed from the order of Appellate Court, Patan. Freedom Forum has filed a writ of habeas corpus in the Supreme Court demanding the release of journalist Dhamala and put pressure on the administration to furnish evidences proving the charges against him.

It was against the prevailing Nepali laws as adequate evidences should be furnished before taking anyone under arrest.

The administration was trying to dillydally in the investigation into the incident by extending the detention period of journalist. It has raised suspicion on the intention of administration for detaining journalists without any concrete evidence.

The Metropolitan Police Sector, Hanumandhoka, had arrested Dhamala, Ram Shuvak Mahato, Birendra Kumar Mehta and Manoj Mahato on February 3, 2009. Freedom Forum's advocate Rishi Ram Ghimire including other senior advocates pleaded on behalf of journalist Dhamala.

"The court's verdict to free journalist Dhamala is really welcoming as it is the victory of advocates who are working for the protection of press freedom in our country", said Freedom Forum Chairperson taranath Dahal.

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