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FF concerned over attack on Far West Journalist

 Freedom Forum's stringer for Province 7, DR Panta reported that reporter with Kailali- based Bardagoriya weekly and Janata Television Laxmi Jaisi was attacked by unknown person at mid-night on November 19.

Quoting reporter Jaisi, Panta said that he was attacked in his home while sleeping. He has attained severe injuries on head and forehead.

Reporter Jaisi is undergoing treatment in Nepalgunj Medical College, Banke.

The motive of attack is unknown yet and investigation is ongoing, according to Police.

Freedom Forum condemns such intimidation over journalists' at work by the political cadres. As the nation is in full swing to hold provincial and parliamentary polls, timely reporting and providing information to citizen is the right of media persons. Hence, FF urges political parties and security bodies to give priority to journalists' safety so as to ensure free flow of information.

As both political parties and media are the democracy pillars, the political cadres must respect the rights to media persons.

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