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Journalist barred from reporting court hearing

The Supreme Court has barred journalists from different media from getting access to hearing on different benches on March 4, Sunday, reported Province-3 stringer for Freedom Forum, Ashok Dahal.

Quoting Shova Sharma, a legal reporter with the www.setopati.com news portal, Dahal said security persons at the court gate barred the journalists from entering into the hearing of important cases, citing the order from the ‘top officials.’

“Earlier, the Supreme Court used to allow journalists having special press pass issued by the court to access the benches. But, they obstructed those having special pass from getting in for reporting on hearing,” she said to stringer Dahal.

Hearing on a contempt of court case against Kantipur daily is scheduled today itself.

Freedom Forum expresses serious concern over SC’s banning the reporters from entering the court premises for news coverage on much debated hearing a contempt of court case filed against the Kantipur daily scheduled today. It is the sheer violation of press freedom. So, the SC is strongly urged for ensuring access to free reporting on court activities.

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