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Government official misbehaved to information seeking journalist, apologizes later

Khaga Prasad Chapagain, a journalist affiliated with Butawal Today, was misbehaved by chief of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), Taulihawa Transfer Centre for seeking information on 30th July 2018 in Kapilvastu, a district lies in province 5 of Nepal.

According to the information collected by Freedom Forum, Chief of NEA Taulihawa Transfer Centre, Himanshu Kumar Yadav misbehaved with journalist Chapagain while he visited NEA, Taulihawa office to get information about alleged malpractices in procurement malaise during transformer supply.

Earlier, Journalist Chapagain had tried to file the RTI application on 18 July, requesting information about the number of quotations and the status of payment. His application, however, could not proceed ahead as Chief Yadav denied to formally initiate the process.

On the day of the incident, Yadav misbehaved with journalist Chapagain immediately after the later reached his office. Following the incident of misbehave, a team journalist including FNJ central member Basanta Giri and District chapter chair Dilliram Bhusal reached Chief District Office urging necessary action to Yadav.

Chief Yadav begged apology admitting his mistake in the presence of the Chief District Officer Madan Bhujel.

Freedom Forum strongly condemns the misbehaved to journalist by government official for seeking information. Reporting and exposing malpractices and corruption of any issues of public concern is the prime job of journalists. FF urges the concerned authority to investigate the incident and take action to ensure safety of the journalist.


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