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State affairs committee bar journalist from reporting

The State Affairs Committee of the Federal Parliament has barred the journalists from entering the meeting of the Committee for reporting. The Committee barred the journalists after it elected of its chief.

The newly elected Chairperson Shashi Shrestha of ruling Nepal Communist Party ordered the security marshals to bar the entry of journalists, including photo and video journalists in the meeting hall, citing that the informal meeting was underway.

Journalist with setopati.com news portal, Manoj Satyal, said the security marshals stopped journalists outside the meeting hall reasoning the 'order from the Committee Chairperson'.

The Committee discussed the rape and murder of Nirmala Panta and other contemporary issues and also decided to summon Home Minister to inquire about probe on the case, according to Committee member Jhapad Rawal.

Generally, all parliamentary committee meetings are open for journalists.

When asked about the obstruction, Committee Chairperson Shrestha said, "I thought there was not any important issue for journalists in the meeting." She however assured of keeping the Committee meeting open for the journalists now onwards.

Various committees have been formed recently under the federal parliament to discuss the contemporary issues, question over government performance and grill the concerned Ministers for underperformance. So, the meeting of such committee carries significance.

Freedom Forum therefore, condemns the obstruction on live reporting on the State Affairs Committee meeting. It is the violation of press freedom and efforts to fuel non transparency. The concerned Committee is the requested not to repeat such in the days ahead.


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