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Journalist Poudel misbehaved

Journalist Kamal Poudel, news-chief of Radio Sarangkot was misbehaved and threatened for writing news on 26th November 2018 in Dulegaunda, Pokhara. Pokhara lies in Province 4/Gandaki  province of Nepal.

According to the information sent by the Freedom Forum representative for Gandaki Province Rajan Upadhayaya, the incident occurred after journalist Poudel wrote news on illegal meter interest business in Pokhara where a woman fled taking million worth. The news was published on 25 November.

The next day, while Poudel was in his room, one of the relatives of the same women in the news story, Prajapati Parajuli misbehaved with him. He even received a phone call from 9856040238 where he was threatened for writing the news.

Poudel shared that he didn't complain while Parajuli misbehaved him. He revealed about this incident only after the threat call. Journalist Poudel has filed the complaint against both the persons at police headquarter of Kaski.

FF condemns the incident as it is the sheer violation of press freedom. Threat and misbehave inflicted to the journalist is not acceptable. FF urges the concerned authority to investigate the matter seriously and ensure that the journalist be treated respectfully.

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