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FF Welcomes Release of Suu Kyi and expresses solidarity for more freedom

Freedom Forum Nepal welcomes the release of Myanmar's pro-democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest on Saturday. The release of long-time freedom fighter who has spent 15 of the past 21 years in detention has been a matter of happiness for all democrats and freedom-loving people.

Suu Kyi is an icon of resistance against the military regime of Junta that has put her in detention for raising voice for democracy and freedom in Burma.

Her unflagging courage and unswerving commitment for people's fundamental rights has been a source of inspiration in the South East Asian nations and the entire world as well to engage more efforts for the consolidation of democracy.

It as a 'first step' of Myanmar's authority towards recognizing basic fundamental human rights. However, there are lot of things to be done to ensure democracy and freedom in Burma. Freedom Forum demands the unconditional release of all political prisoners, who have been detained just due to their political belief.

"We are confident that the release of Suu Kyi will contribute to efforts for a more inclusive approach to political change and bring more liberal values and freedom in Myanmar's politics."

People of Burma should get chance to determine their destiny through democratic means. Since democracy is a matter of global concern, Freedom Forum expresses its solidarity for all freedom fighters of the Myanmar and calls on the Burmese government to respect unalienable rights of its citizens in line with international standard.

Likewise, the recent election that was accomplished without engaging the political parties is the mockery of democracy. Such unfair and restricted election does not genuinely represent the people and their aspiration. Disallowing international press and election monitors has made it clear that it was not undertaken as a norm of democracy rather to legitimize the autocratic regime of military.

Freedom Forum also urges the Nepal government to articulate support and solidarity to the democratic movement of Burma on behalf of the nation and its people.

We wish for the grand success of struggle being waged for the reinstatement of freedom in Burma.

Tara Nath Dahal,
November 14, 2010