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Government warns of suing civil servants with ETA for their social media post

Ministry of Federal Affairs And General Administration has warned the agitating civil servants of suing with Electronic Transaction Act for their social posts, issuing a statement on January 1, 2019.

Civil servants have been protesting against the newly introduced Civil Servants Adjustment Ordinance claiming that it bars career growth of civil servants choosing to integrate them at the provincial and local units.

“Attention of the ministry has been drawn about the unusual activities of civil servants including social media status, photo posts and articles defaming the government, minister and secretary,” reads the statement.

The ministry has further stated that it has maintained record of such civil servants making statements at social media indicating to position, color, ethnicity and community of the minister and secretary against their professional ethics, interdisciplinary manner.

“It is informed that those civil servants involved in spreading rumor and ill-intended activities will be sued with Electronic Transaction Act, Good Governance Act and its regulations and Civil Service Act and its regulations,” reads the statement issued by Suresh Adhikari, joint secretary at the ministry.

ETA has been misused for suing general public and journalists for their critical social media posts since long in Nepal irrespective of objection from the civil society and media.

FF condemns the action of government that inflicts threat upon citizen's right to Freedom of Expression. Any Nepali citizen have right to express themselves in any medium. Government's move to limit the constitutionally guaranteed right is unacceptable. FF urges the government to respect citizen's right to expression and review the order seriously.

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