MAY 20, 2012  Freedom Forum is shocked to learn about flurry of attacks, threats, manhandles on journalists and vandalism on press vehicles across the country on May 20, 2012.

First of its kind, Nepali media and journalists saw toughest time with rampant attacks and threats on them today in course of the nationwide banda (general shutdown) called by various ethnic communities spearheaded by Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN).

According to the reports Freedom Forum's Media Monitoring Desk received till now, the banda enforcers have turned violent towards journalists and media houses.

The Office of the Kantipur FM at Kupandole, Lalitpur, the district in the Kathmandu Valley has been picketed by the banda supporters demanding to air news in their favour.

It is reported that journalists in Chitwan, a district in the southern plain of Nepal, have been threatened of lives if they made news was about banda.

Not only the media houses and journalists but also various other sectors including rights defenders, civil society persons and other professionals have shown grave concerns over the flurry of attack and threats on media and journalists.

The threat and attack in media is unbridled in deed.

In the name of rights, the NEFIN and other ethnic groups have organized three-day banda throughout the country beginning from today. While various other groups out of the capital city are also in banda which have left journalists in jeopardy.

Media persons have been targeted by the protesters. The violation of press freedom has worried the media persons and rights defenders now.

With this, a chaos is likely to follow in the days ahead which would undoubtedly suppress journalists' rights and citizens' right to information.

Freedom Forum therefore strongly urges the agitating groups to respect others' rights while protesting for their rights. More importantly they need to be restraint and media friendly in spite of imposing news on media.

Similarly, the government must provide security to the media houses and journalists working in risk throughout the country to protect people's right to information.

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