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Freedom Forum for professional security of Working Journalists

 JUNE 07, 2011   Freedom Forum has been concerned over the non-implementation of the Working Journalists' Act in the National Television being broadcast from the Capital City.

 The Freedom Forum came to know that the mofussil journalists associated with the National Television have not been paid since its launch which is the grave violation of the Working Journalists Act on the part of the Television establishment. The reporters of the Television from outside the Kathmandu valley organized an interaction and shared such plight in the Capital on June 6, 2011. In the context that even the Determination of Minimum Wage Fixation Committee had been formed by the government vis a vis the introduction of Working Journalists Act for deciding the remuneration and facilities to the working journalists, the non-implementation of the Act in the Television depicts how insecure Nepali journalists are in terms of their profession.  If the journalists do not feel secured in their profession, their duties may obviously be hampered which ultimately affects people's right to information.  

Therefore, the Freedom Forum urges the concerned TV establishment to provide the wages and facilities to its moffusil reporters as per the Working Journalists Act so as to help uphold journalists' rights.

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