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Use of force on Dr KC during peaceful strike in Jumla condemnable


Freedom Forum is alarmed by the vehement use of force against Dr Govinda KC during his peaceful strike in remote Jumla district of Province-6 in Nepal.

Security forces were massively mobilized in a bid to bring the agitating Dr KC in Kathmandu.

Social activist and crusader for medical education reform Dr KC had been staging fast-unto-death in Jumla for 20 days. He had been posing various demands before the government for the reform in medical education sector.

In order to airlift Dr KC to Kathmandu, the security forces intervened in the peaceful protest- fired tear gas shells and charged batons randomly on Dr KC's supporters including the doctors, nurses and students of Karnali Academy of Health Sciences. It resulted in the clash which left many injured.

Even the journalists were misbehaved by the security persons.

It was all to panic Dr KC and his supporters. Finally, Dr KC was reported to have said that he would come to Kathmandu to avoid violence in Jumla. Later, he was brought to Kathmandu.

"Instead of taking peaceful measures to solve the problems and address Dr KC's demands, the government resorted to violent suppression of the peaceful protest which is gross violation of freedom guaranteed by the constitution. One after another government's intimidation on citizen's civic and political rights is growing. Civic space is shrinking. It is an alarming threat to democracy in Nepal of late," observed Executive Chief Taranath Dahal, adding, "Peaceful protest is also a form of expression."

Dissent must not be negated in democracy. The government needs to respect healthy criticism from the people.

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