JANUARY 29, 2009  Four investigative missions comprising senior journalists are leaving for various parts of Tarai region of Nepal on January 29 at a time when press freedom situation in the region is getting worse day after day. Among the four, one is deputed to figure out real situation of press freedom in the eastern Tarai, two in central Tarai and one in far-western region of Nepal. The missions are assigned to visit sites to express solidarity tot he press freedom movement at local level and find facts about anti-press incidents rising in Tarai belt. 

An international media mission is taking place in Nepal from 5-7, February to express support and solidarity to the on-going movement in Nepal for press freedom and freedom of expression. The mission will assess the real scenario in connection with freedom of press and of expression and put moral pressure to the concerned authority to ensure enabling environment for the enjoyment of these freedoms. 

The report on "Agenda for Change on Right to Freedom of Expression in Nepal" is set to be launched on February 5 amid a distinguished gathering. UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression will also attend the report launching ceremony. The report was prepared by a high-level expert panel representing media professionals, legal practitioners, civil society leaders and lawmakers on the joint initiative of Freedom Forum, ARTICLE 19 and Federation of Nepali journalists (FNJ). 

The report is a consensus document to move ahead the agendas for media reforms as a long term strategy to strengthen freedom of expression in Nepal. The comprehensive report will be a significant document to expedite advocacy on the issues in compliance with international standards. 

It has encompassed necessary strategies, activities and recommendations on how freedom of expression and information can be protected and improved in our country. The report was developed following three meetings of expert panel, including Toby Mendel, Senior Director of Law, ARTICLE 19. 

The third phase of protest against state's apathy towards ensuring press freedom and freedom of expression has started. Journalists across the country are participating in the protest programme to exert pressure on the government to end impunity and bring perpetrators into justice whether that be the case of Uma Singh's murder or other incidents taking place in various parts of the country. 

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