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Serious concern over limiting public places for peaceful protest

Freedom Forum has been seriously concerned over the government ruling to limit public places for peaceful protests.

One after another, recent activities of the government led by the communist party are shrinking the public places, thereby tampering citizen's right to peaceful protests.

Major public places not only in the capital city Kathmandu but also outside districts are banned for the people to demonstrate. With the ruling, people's programs are banned in various six places, including, Maitighar Mandala, a public place near the central administrative office, Singha Durbar, which is being used as a place for people's rally, demonstration and peaceful protest, for decades to exert pressure on the government to get it hear people's voices, demands and grievances.

This ruling has created widespread objection and criticism including from the media fraternity. It is need an oppressive step to muzzle people's voices.

On June 30, the government took under control an orthopedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC from a remote Jumla district, who had initiated fast-unto-death strike, demanding reform in medical education sector. It is the 15th round of the strike the crusader for the the reform in educator, Dr KC was to launch after not getting the demand fulfilled.

Same day, a group of people objecting to the government ruling against demonstration at Maitighar Mandala was held by the police.

These activities clearly prove that government is not tolerant of any criticism and people's voices and protests. Right to objection and peaceful protests are like the right to freedom of expression. Once the people are banned to organizing rally, program, protest, their right to FoE is violated.

FF therefore vehemently condemns the government move to limit public places to crush civil space. The government is strongly urged to act in a democratic manner and respect people's rights.

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