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Publication of newspapers shut in Kanchanpur

Freedom Forum is sharing that publication of local newspapers in Kanchanpur has been closed following the nationwide enforcement of lockdown in keeping with the potential risks of COVID-19 pandemic. It is noted that the publication has come to a halt following shortage of skilled human resource at printing press as well as trouble in distributing newspaper copies to the subscribers. The publication of newspapers has remained closed in the district since last Sunday. Kanchanpur lies in SudhurPaschem Province.

Rani Biwas, the Executive Editor of Bikalpa daily being published from Bhimduttanagar bazaar, said the newspaper publication has to be shut owing to the problem of its circulation in market areas and growing security challenges stemming from COVID-19. "After closure of newspaper business I have been staying at home with family members", he said, he has however maintained communications with different sections through social media and cell phone. "Self-security has become more pressing at the moment". Federation of Nepali Journalists Kanchanpur chapter chair Bishnu Awasthee had called on journalists to safely cover news.

One and a half a dozen newspapers, including dailies and weeklies have been brought out from the district. The growing impact of this epidemic is likely to force shut many other print media as well. FF shows its solidarity with all the media houses in this time of crisis.