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Three dailies, four weeklies shut down in Dailekh Dullu, Karnali Province

Freedom Forum is concerned as three dailies and four weeklies being published from Dailekh district have stopped their publications for an indefinite period after the lockdown for the fear of COVID-19. Publisher of Dhamaka Daily Bishnu Sharma said publication of newspapers was closed as the workers of two printing presses feared for the newspaper's distribution. “We closed the publication to follow the government policies and discharge out duties,” he added.

Likewise, the media persons working for the national media outlets are collecting news from social networking sites and mobile phones, a correspondent for Himal Magazine Yagyaraj Thapa said. Chairman of Federation of Nepali Journalists Dailekh Chapter Chakra KC has also urged the media persons to collect news by being safe while cautioning them that their frequent mobility could increase the threat of the spread of COVID-19.

FF appreciates the newspaper's decision to at least continue online edition to inform society and demands management to ensure safety gear at this difficult time. Together FF requests reporters to maintain safety measures and strongly urges concerned media houses to assist its journalists to equip with safety accessories because reporters are always in the frontline. Role of media to serve people with credible news and information is bigger at crisis. welcomes the efforts of media houses for making news dissemination possible from the online platform despite all the hurdles. 

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