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Public threat of physical attack on journalists 

A public threat of physical attack was issued against journalists in Chitwan city of Bagmati Province on April 28. The statement issued by All Nepal National Health Professionals' Association delivered threat of physical attack on the working journalists who reported news on the alleged theft of medicines and health materials from Corona Special Temporary Hospital involving its staff on April 27.

A video of hospital staffs taking away the materials from hospital had been viral the other day.  According to Freedom Forum's Province 3 representative, Mr Rammani Dahal, dozens of working journalists were afraid after the public threat.

Association's Chairperson Shirsha Sapkota warned, "They would take strict action against those who reported the news."

Issuing such public threat of physical attack on journalists merely for writing news is condemnable, as it against press freedom guaranteed by the constitution. Journalists have the right to free reporting. If the Association had any reservation on the new content, it could  resort to lawful way to complain. FF also strongly urges the local authority and security agency to ensure security so that no untoward incident would occur against the working journalists.

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