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Regret for disruption in the production of May 3 Press Freedom Monitoring Report

Dear National and International Audience,

First, Freedom Forum would like to extend our best wishes on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day-2021. Since we all are passing through the most troubled times in human civilization due to the coronavirus pandemic, the crisis in manifolds has warranted the existence of lives. Of late Nepal has become the hotspot of COVID-19 and our organization is no exception. With the enforcement of lockdown and prohibitory orders to stem the virus outbreak in Kathmandu, our office has also remained closed for over a week. Moreover, our colleagues who look after media monitoring works have tested positive for the coronavirus along with their family members and are struggling to come out from difficult movement when the preparation for marking the World Press Freedom Day was in full swing.

With the spiral outbreak of the virus and subsequent alarming situation, this year we are not being able to produce the May 3 Press Freedom Monitoring Report and mark the international day. We regret the inconvenience caused to our national and international audience who have been eagerly waiting for the Nepal Report with anti-press incidents and trends due to the pandemic situation this time.

Once again we wish for your good health and safe life. We express our commitment to continue with our works on freedom of the press and expression in coming days. 


Taranath Dahal 

Chief Executive 

Freedom Forum

Thapathali, Kathmandu

3 May 2021