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Reporting obstructed

Security persons are obstructing a group of journalists from reporting at the Supreme Court for few days in Kathmandu.

Journalists who entered the court premises to report on the ongoing peaceful protest of Nepal Bar Association were forcefully barred forcefully by the security persons from reporting. The Association has been staging protests at the court for two weeks, demanding resignation of the Chief Justice.

Nepal Police did not allow journalists to report even after showing their press cards issued by the court, said special correspondent at Onlinekhabar.com Krishna Gyawali. www.onlinekhabar.com is a leading online news portal of Nepal. 

Gyawali also shared that they have warned the security persons to either take back the press cards or allow them to report news today (November 16).

Freedom Forum condemns the obstruction the security persons created as it violated journalists' right to free reporting. It is also the violation of press freedom.

Citizen's right to information must be paid heed.  In the name of security, the security persons' behavior towards journalists should be corrected. Importantly, present chaos in judiciary and lawyer's protest is a serious issue of public concern in Nepal.

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