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Journalists attacked in Madhesh Province

Journalists Anil Karna and Santosh Yadav were attacked for their social media posts in Madhesh Province. Karna was attacked on September 13 and Yadav on September 14.

Karna shared with Freedom Forum that he had written social media posts about the Province Hospital’s Medical Superintendent Dr. Ram Naresh Pandit. “Following this, Dr. Pandit sent 15 people to attack upon me. My friends, however, rescued me. I am out of danger”, said Karna.

“I wrote a social media post and was planning to publish full news the next day”, he added.

In a separate incident, reporter with https://www.nepalpress.com/ Santosh Yadav was also attacked with sharp weapon in Siraha. According to media reports, one of the attackers Nabal Kishore Yadav wrote abusive comment about reporter Yadav's father and former ward chairman on reporter Yadav's post. While discussing about the social media post, dispute arose between them. Meanwhile, Nabal's nephew attacked the reporter with weapon. Yadav received minor injury on his neck. Police arrested attackers Nabal Kishore Yadav and his nephew after the incident.

Attacking journalists for their views and exercise of press freedom is condemnable. In case the social media posts or the content of news story has defamed any person, he/she can follow different course rather than resorting to assault. 

Freedom Forum urges the local authority to stay alert to obviate any untoward incident against journalists. 


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