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Police arrest Khan under indecent behavior

Freedom Forum condemns the arrest of Sakif Khan for allegedly speaking foul on the police and the politicians. The 22-year-old from Pakadi of Kapilvastu Mayadevi Rural Municipality-1 was held for writing such post on his Facebook handle on March 29. Kapilvastu lies in Province No. 5.

"The police and politicians in the power of Mayadevi Rural Municipality will all die of Corona", Khan wrote showing his dissatisfaction with how the COVID-19 situation was being handled by the government system. The Inspector of Area Police Office, Ganesh Subedi said, he will be charged under indecent behavior. Article 118 of the Muluki Criminal Code, 2074 addresses the act of indecent behavior.

FF condemns the act of the police to arrest the general public for showing their dissatisfaction against the public authorities. The constitution of Nepal itself gives the right to the citizens of Nepal to freely express their opinion and thoughts which also includes negative feedbacks and criticism against the government institutions. While some limitations are provided by law, however, in this case, the opinion is harmless and innocent and should be rather taken as a criticism amid the panic arising of the COVID-19 nationwide.  

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