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Hospital staff suspended for criticizing hospital administration

Rapti Institute of Health Sciences has terminated the contract of Doctor Amrita Shrestha and Nurse Prakriti DC for criticizing the hospital administration on their Facebook handle. Rapti lies in Dang District of province no. 5.

According to Nurse Prakriti, she had shared a Facebook story stating that the PPE for the hospital staffs is minimal. She further wrote, "Asking doctors and nurses to work without necessary PPE is like saying the army to fight without weapons in a war." Shortly, after the Facebook status, she was handed a termination paper for this reason.

On the contrary, the institute's vice-chancellor claims that their contract was not extended because their work was not satisfactory. Although, it is concerning that they were removed shortly after their criticism against the hospital.

Freedom Forum is concerned about the incident as it is the sheer violation of the right to free speech. Hospital administration intimidation to hospital staff like doctors and nurses is intolerable.

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