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Photojournalist issued arrest warrant for social media post

Photojournalist issued arrest warrant for social media post

Photo journalist and activist RK Adipta Giri was issued arrest warrant for his critical post on social media on August 8. The arrest warrant was issued by District Police Office, Parbat, Gandaki Province.

Journalist Giri shared with Freedom Forum that he has been conducting campaign named ‘Save Kaligandaki river’ for more than three years.

“I have clearly observed activities of the authorities and journalists here who are involved in encroachment of the river and natural resources in Parbat. I tried to warn them through my social media posts and now I am facing this situation. But I will not give up, my fight will continue”, said journalist Giri.

“The journalists, who have filed complaint against me, had gone to my house and threatened my family members in my absence. It has been three days since I have gone to my house”, said Giri.

Giri has posted several critical status on his social media posts about alleged involvement of Parbat journalists in exploitation of the river.

District Police Office Parbat’s Deputy Superintendant of Police Madhusudan Neupane told FF that journalists had filed a complaint with a Federation of Nepali Journalists’ signed letter demanding his arrest under Electronic Transaction Act Section 47. “And then, we issued the arrest warrant against Giri. However, no further action has been taken yet”, informed DSP Neupane.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it is a gross violation of freedom of expression. The authorities have been time and again misusing the Act to suppress citizen’s voice. Journalists and citizens have every right to express their views on the social media against any issues of public concern.

Here, journalists themselves have resorted to a wrong way of seeking justice. ETA is not right measure at all. If the post had hurt their image they could reach court instead of arresting photojournalist. The Constitution has finely protected citizens right to free expression.

FF demands safety and security of the journalist Giri.

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