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Freelance journalist taken under control by recruitment agency for writing news

A freelance journalist Krishna Prasad Subedi was taken under control and his mobile phone seized for writing news on August 30. The incident took place in the federal capital Kathmandu.

Freedom Forum talked to journalist Subedi on September 19 about the incident.

Subedi shared that he had been writing news and articles on human trafficking in Nepal for Nepali media for more than five years. He also runs an official Facebook account named Anticorruption Nepal (https://www.facebook.com/Acnbureau) where he shares his articles and news.

On August 15, Subedi had shared an article about human trafficking by a recruitment agency in Nepal. Following this, he was taken under control for nine hours on August 30. Agency's staffs and board members also seized his diary, mobile phone and press identity card.

They have not returned his goods.Moreover, they forced him to sign on papers mentioning he would not write any news on recuritment agency.

"I have filed my complaint at Nepal Police Headquarters, Office of Chief District Office, Kathmandu and National Human Rights Commission Nepal. I have not received my goods yet", informed Subedi.

There is no any progress in police investigation either, according to Subedi.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it is a gross violation of press freedom. If there was any reservation on news content, the agency could take legal recourse by reaching Press Council Nepal. But, taking under control the journalist for reporting is against law.

Freedom Forum strongly urges the police office to investigate the case and help ensure safety to the journalist. The recruitment agency must return his mobile phone and diary.


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