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Journalist attacked over reporting in Rautahat

Rautahat based reporter at Madhyanha national daily Krishna Tiwari was attacked while reporting on February 6. Rautahat lies in Madhesh Province of Nepal.

Reporter Tiwari shared with Freedom Forum that he was reporting on sugarcane farmers’ complaint about the sugarcane mill owner’s low pricing of their product. Tiwari was called by the farmers on the site to report. While the reporter started taking video of dispute among farmers and mill owner in the presence of Sugarcane Farmers Association’s Chairperson, few people arrived and seized his camera. They shouted- why are you recording? 

As Tiwari refused to delete the video, they hit Tiwari with sugarcane sticks. They not only damaged his camera but also thrashed him on floor and kicked him brutally. Senior Sub-Inspector Arun Kumar Singh rescued Tiwari from the incident and took him to a nearby clinic for treatment. Tiwari has bruises over his body and is undergoing treatment at Surya Hospital, Birgunj.

Area Police Office, Garuda’s Deputy Superintendant of Police Om Prakash Khanal informed Freedom Forum that one of the attackers was arrested and was kept in detention. “We are waiting for the victim’s First Information Report to further investigate the case”, he said.

Freedom Forum condemns the attack upon reporter. It is a gross violation of press freedom. Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned authority to fairly investigate the case and ensure safety of journalists.

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