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Film Director Under Police Control over Film Review.

Freedom Forum has been concerned over a violation of freedom of expression occurred in Kathmandu on 23 September, 2011.

Police took a film director Manoj Pandit under control on September 23 merely over a film review he made on an online media www.merocinema.com three weeks earlier.

Police took director Pandit under control from Bagbazar after producer and heroine acting in the film, 'brake fail', Richa Ghimire lodged a complaint in the police saying the film review by Pandit insulted her.
She argued that the line of the review, 'From the accepted principles, Richa does not seem as a heroine in the film.'

Here, no abusive/ derogatory term is used that has defamed heroine Richa.

Moreover, film director Pandit said, "I was not biased on film review but made the review based on my study about the film."

It is a sheer mockery of a citizen's right to freedom of expression as the constitution has clearly ensured people's right to expression as writing articles, reviews, and speaking in public on the public issues.

Although there are other bodies as Press Council Nepal to seek help if the content was defamatory, visiting police office is not logical. It is the interference by the sector that is not concerned.

Therefore, police control over director Pandit violates his right to articulate his views.

Pandit was released the same day.

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